Why Men And Ladies Must Avoid Dating Stingy Partners Or Stingy Lovers?? By Adewale K.O.P

Why Men And Ladies Must Avoid Dating Stingy Partners Or Lovers. By Adewale K.O.P

I once wrote about the need for guys to stop giving their money to ladies and I also wrote about the need for ladies to drop their entitlement mentality and YES I still reiterate these facts as they referred to ladies with an unrealistic sense of entitlement but nevertheless, there is a wide gap between a lady making lame financial demands from a man and a man being sensitive to the needs of his woman.

Giving should be a two-way street and it will be very selfish for any lady to expect her man to give without her reciprocating but it is no longer new that ladies love to be taken care of and any guy who has what it takes to take care of his lady and yet refrains is a stingy man who does not deserve to be with any lady and ladies who are looking for a real purposeful romance should avoid such guys not just for their sake but for the sake of the future as such a man may not be generous enough to take care of his family financially….and worse still, I believe a man who is not generous to his lady does not truly love her cos there is no love without giving.

Now I want ladies to understand this…it is one thing if a guy does not have and it is another if he has but just chooses to be stingy….it is also very important to note that generosity should not be measured by the amount of substance be it money or gift but must be accessed based on the proportionality of the gesture in relation to the resources at the guy’s disposal….this means a guy who earns 100k a month but gives his woman an average of 10k in a month has given 10% of his total income and he is more generous than a guy who makes far more but gives his lady sparingly.

What is the point?

John 3:16 KJV 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave… You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.
When a man truly loves a woman he will give even without her asking, he will be sensitive to her needs and will always give her from what he has no matter how small even if the lady is financially buoyant, there are still little gestures that go a long way to express your affection for her. If a man truly loves his woman he will give of his time and his resources. Those who truly love, hold nothing back.

The measure of your giving reveals the measure of your love. Love is something we can’t see, but we can see the evidence of love in the action it produces, which is giving. Where you give your time and resources also reveals what you love. If we think we love someone, yet never give to them of our resources, then we are just deceiving ourselves.

just like ladies can date who they desire, men also should stay away from gold digging good for nothing women.
there is nothing wrong with a stingy man, and people should stop trying to make them look like there is something wrong with them. if a man earns money, he has all the right to decide how to spend his money. NOBODY (especially broke women) has any right to demand that he spends HIS money the way some deluded stranger deems fit.

For sure “money dont grow on trees.” i can assure you, if a woman has the audacity to call anybody stingy, then simply reply to her:” bitch, since you think that money grows on trees, then why dont you spend YOUR money… and shut your dirty mouth, instead of thinking that MY money is “your” money.”
The best way for a man to be broke is by wasting his money trying to impress good for nothing women that haven’t worked a day in their lives and dont know the VALUE of money.

sadly, African society, chivalry, and most importantly KONJI, is the reason why (A) many dudes willfully spend recklessly on these women, and/or (B) women use this “stingy” label to try to shame men into paying against their will (while it may appear that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being stingy);
When a man is prudent, they call him stingy just to collect his money & mock him later.
“What have you done, that no one has done before?!”
Some men/guys will be familiar with this question

sadly, i blame MEN more than i blame women… because we all know that there will always be greedy/deluded people out there, but any smart man knows that with money, then YOU make the rules with these narrow minded goldiggers. thus a lady can have all the entitlement mentality she desires, so long as men DONT PAY, these women have absolutely NO POWER over us. there is power in the coochie, yes, but MONEY has much more power than coochie (when facing a money hungry goldigger).

sadly, too many men have misplaced egos (blinding them from common sense), and these men will do ANYTHING to not be called stingy…. and some would even become criminals or do “crazy” things in order to please these goldigging narrow minded women.

What they don’t know is that Most guys have plans for their money and they are definitely not part of the plan.. once they discover that they start calling you a stingy man, if you do again they would still save your name as Maga or UBA or Zenith Bank ATM.

Most men do these in the name of blind love and love but the truth is that love is priceless and has no price tag. Love warms up naturally and gracefully without having to flex all the muscles and pushing the pedals. Love finds and chooses us but we dont chose love as it is always a weight of fate except it is not love and I must add or say categorically that love is a game of luck. If you meet the good or the bad spouse in your life, good luck, bear it as fate and carry your cross.

This is not intended to ridicule nor rate one gender over the order on ground of sentiments and unbridled note but to let us know that both party have a role to play when it comes to giving and reference of sacrifice and tangible commitment so both side at a time must complement each other at the task of giving. A sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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