Who Is More Significant To Raising Responsible Children?? The Father or The Mother??? By Adewale K.O.P

Which of these 2 is more important with the most significant impact on the child, the father or the mother??.

Gone were the days of the martialing and autocratic fatherly figure as the age of morals is also fast evolving. An ideal man or fatherly figure is considerably of immense importance at instilling due discipline on children unlike the empathy and pity party the women patronize children till they rot as most would say they dont want to hurt the child’s feeling until the child rot away like rotten tomatoes out of overt liberty.

It is not a crime to marry a bad husband, but to marry a bad woman, the children will surely suffer no matter how good the father is. That is why it is good to inquire well or test the woman a man must marry first on so many fronts before marriage proposals and b4 having kids. This is because women play more role in children up proper bringing. No matter how terrible a man is, his excesses can still be checkmated or excused to have less impact on children upbringing and orientation. But if the women is wrong on certain fronts, the whole course is futile effort long before it takes flight or rather always a failure on arrival as the impact on the kids would be far so reaching graven and damaging.

It is for this reason the yoruba tribe says a bad child is as a result of the impact and ills of a bad mother and a good child is as a result of a good father. Though i stand to disagree with this notion to a great extent because it takes the effort of two responsible parents couple with a robust and responsible society, educational background, religious affiliations and peer pressure to raise good, sociable and appealing kids or children.

This is often the reason why every reasonable parents would often ask to see the parents of a prospect inlaw or person seeking the hand of their child in marriage as most believe every man or woman would always turn or thread out like a chip of the old block, literarily these goes as, “as the father goes the son and as the mother goes the daughter. Our parents are a great looking mirror for whom we are, not just subjectively but by fact of Science and DNA from progeny to their offsprings. Nobody love to be called the butter bean, the jelly bean, the butter finger but I believe we all love to be seen as a huckleberry in a bowl of milk, therefore our efforts must earn the good credit.

So it is my resolution and humble submission that women alone should not take all the blame for the society and moral break down that ravages the world today in relatives to children upbringing. We all have a role to play in our little corner

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