Shocking And Revealing Facts On Why And How We Kiss And Eat Cockroaches Almost Everyday.

However bizarre this may sound, it is a reality and a fact that often escapes our subconciousness. Many of us relish a recipe this obnoxious creature almost in our everyday meal ration. The question of wether you are a vegan or not does not apply here. Am sure some of us have heard of some tribes eating snakes, turtles, cats, dogs, vulture, rodents, toads, badger, wood or camp game kills just as we have in Cambodia, vietnam and other countries where some eat crickets, tarantulars, lizards, etc. Aside that China make hundreds of millions of dollars anually from medical and pharmaceutical use of cockroach even if I must say this is no attempts to discredit nor lose confidence in the Chinese market as the world today can no longer survive without China; the thought of cockroach in ones plate alone can make one puke.

Without having to deviate from the subject here, this is the shot; considering that we have cockroaches in almost every part of the world and in all suburb though an untidy or garbage ridden environment serves as breeding ground to this unwholesome creatures. Wake up in the dead or still of the night and open the toilet door and you are most likely to see this sneaky stuff munching on your tooth brush. I have taken my time to observe and notice this for some years now and from an extensive enquiry, I discover this is common of this ugly exoskeletal creature. They nimble on anything, crumbs or spec they come across, from shoes, to bags, to polythene, books crumbs of food or food waste, amazingly they can nimble for minutes on the sweat from your thumb on the surface of objects or door knobs such that you would be like, “what the hell could this still roaches be nimblling away on while looking so still.” However you fumigate or keep the house clean, after the coast becomes clear, this pestering rangers would always come around and their presence can command a host of disease if its shake off or fecals were ingested. Especially when then run across food items and receptacles to drop off their dungs. For your tooth brush, it would make alot of sense to keep your brush away from the restroom or bathroom because its also a major spot of convergence for these night crawling bugs. Stay safe and healthy and do enough to keep this sickening bugs away.

However, lets understand that

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