“Avoid Fake Friends” By Tokosi Oluwaseun Sikiru And Adewale Kelvin.


It will be very hard to see a true friend around you like it has always been difficult finding true love.
Fake friends are friend that back bite you, they pretend as if they want your good but always find way to put you down so that they can rise. They will be sad whenever you tell them good things you achieved.
_Here their signs if you have one with you;_

1. They disappear whenever you need them the most as a friend
2. They always have an hard time being happy for your success and achievements
3. They will always judge your flaws and mistakes harsely
4. They will push you to do what they can never do
5. They put you down for your opinions or beliefs
6. Most of the times, they gossip about other friends to you which means they likely gossip about you as well
7. They are not interested in getting to know you on a deeper level
8. They never stand for you in front of others
9. They always turn the conversation back to themselves
10. They say things to disgrace or embarrass you in front of others
11. They frequently break promises or forget commitments
12. They only call you when they have nothing better to do
13. They are very quick to get angry or take offences
14. They do things for you so as to brag about it in front of others
15. They use back handed compliments to confuse or wound you.
16. They have an heightened sense of self importance and also entitlement
17. They hold your past maistakes over you and they will never ever let them go
18. They will forget the important things going on in your life
19. They infect you and everyone else with their bad mood and I’ll temper attitude
20. They easily drop you as a friend when it suits them

*Please fake friends kills, try your best not to rely on them too much because there is 50% assurance, they might get you killed.*

We do not stop making friends and do not stop finding the real ones.
lols, lions and tigers are from the canis family but with a slight behavioural difference. Tigers walk alone andĀ  lions walk as a family. Though tigers appears more formidable than lions as a single tiger can single solely do alot of damage to a pride of 4 lions. Learn to adapt as either a tiger or a family or a pride of lions depending on the situation you find yourself. We humans are always at the top of theĀ  food chain and pyramid. 2 is a company and many is a crowd. To all the fake friends, give them your middle finger and walk alone with God. One with God is a majority and would always win. God is merciful as he does not forget his own in any way.

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