Who Is A Cheap Man And Who Is A Cheap Lady?? By Tokosi Oluwaseun Sikiru & Adewale Kelvin


1. A cheap boy is that boy that will date a girl for a whole 7 years only to dump her and marry someone he dated for only 7 months.
2. A cheap boy is that boy that can not stay in the same room with a girl for
hours without thinking of sex.
3. A cheap boy is that boy that can not keep a relationship without sex.
4. A cheap boy is that boy that introduce him self to his girlfriend parents making them believe he wants to marry her only to chop and clean mouth
5. A cheap boy is that boy that will give his girlfriend money for abortion after he has had unprotected sex with her.
6. A cheap boy is that boy that wants his girlfriend to wash his cloths, cook for him and keep his house clean when he has not married to her.
7. A cheap boy is that boy that beat
up his mother, girlfriend or sister.
8. A cheap boy is that boy that has disvirgined all the girls in his village
and wants to marry a virgin in the city.
9. A cheap boy is that boy that will lie to a girl about his financial status in other to make her to date him.
10. A cheap boy is that boy that will woo a girl for 5 years and dump her the
next day after sex.
11. A cheap boy is that boy that discuss his affairs with ladies in beer parlour
with his friends.
12. A cheap boy is that boy that can not support a girl financially without asking for sex.
13. A cheap boy is that boy that has more than one girlfriend.
14. A cheap boy is that boy that call girls names because that refuse to date him.
15. A cheap boy is that boy that prefer to spend money on his side chick than his main girl.
16. A cheap boy is that boy that collect money from his girlfriend.
17. A cheap boy is that boy that treats a good girl badly.
18. A cheap boy is a heart breaker that finds this post annoying and refuse to like or comment
*LADIES I hope you agree with me.*
_WHAT DO YOU THINK?_ By Tokosi Oluwaseun Sikiru.

Who is a cheap boy or a cheap girl??? Retortion By Adewale Kelvin

Reflection & Inference: An awesome brief but if i must score this with an ample consensus rating, I must say this is a malignant subject with some opaque or rather obscure sinister. I am writing these because I have a friend who was doing very well until he married a demon of a lady because he wanted to prove a point that he was a nice guy to the world and the lady while making the lady admit she is the bad stock on the shelf. He married her despite he knew earlier before the marriage that it is the lady that would bring about is untimely death. A guy who had everything going for himself, living large with 3 cars in his possession with a flourishing biz. Both of them were Deltans, they had 2 kids, they fight seriously almost everyday but in the end, things fell apart for the guy after series of frustration from the sadistic lady. She went away with the kids in the wake of the guys winding and rainy days. The guy in the end committed suicide and lost out.

  1. I rate this a thumbs down. There is an exeption if manner or character is the subject here and it is missing or misplaced. You dont need a decade of courtship to know the spouse your courting is a dead beat or dead stock. it does not take a decade to know a demon nor an angel except if you are mentally or spiritually too lazy to scratch a little beneath the surface. A lady is not good enough for me, i did rather do away with and call of the bluff.
  2. A thumbs up for this. For me, that i court you or date you does not mean i must make love with you. When it comes to sex, honestly i rather prefer to be the impotent man or the Eunuch type as I can stay 2 to 3 months with a woman without sex. i have had couples of relationship say for 2 to 3years of serious relationship without sex. So if i marry a lady who want sex, believe me i can help you so well that you will enjoy a swell time of extra marital affairs bcos i can be in Sokoto doing my hustle while your in Zimbabwe or Ibisa enjoying and flexing your life.
  3. Thumbs up. Same here, all affairs is not about sex. For me, my kingdom of heaven is not cheap and not meant for swine. the matter no be suya. when you look at the STDs saga staring you in the face, most times we men lose more when we sleep around despite we call it fun and gives us a brazen feel of am the man my ass.
  4. Thumbs up. We men should place a price on ourself. Only cheap men will dance to any music or silly advances from any kind of women from indiscriminate quarters who are of inconsequential breeds. women are object of strong empathy and that eats deep into a man soft spot. No be all snake is for choppies so you dont end up with suck and die woman like say you drink poison.
  5. Nill….. This is not for me, i leave it open for those who believe, promote and indulge in abortion both male and female.
  6. Nill…. For me, I dont believe in such either.. But its not bad if a woman does that for a man she claims she love. But men dont let a woman catch you nor sweep you to the corner with a simple act of been sensitive to domestic chores.
  7. Thumbs up. It shows lack of maturity. It is sorely unnecessary.
  8. Thumbs down….. What if the reverse is the case that it was the virgins that were coming to him only to call him a pedophile or accuse him of alleged rape??
  9. Thumbs up… I tell men, never try to woo a lady even if shes the type that enjoy brown candy and swiz vanilla cream. Women want men who can whisper angels and demons in their ears only to blame their ugly and miserable plight on the men in their life that ever came their way. A leopard never changes it skin. Men should please understand that wooing is for kids and only immature couples indulge in such cheap complements.
  10. Nill…. I rest my case on that, its most likely thats what the lady wanted. For men who do such and ladies who are victims of such venture, there is no market without its prospect buyers.
  11. Thumbs down. If the guy drinks, it is not our business, if the guy seek counsel at the beer parlour then the girl herself must be a bunch of brewery because you cant tell me the lady was too blind to tell the guy worships at St bottles cathedral before the entire Romeo and Juliet affair ever took to flight.
  12. Thumbs down. Na this one weak me pass. Is the guy a Microfinance bank or is the lady a prostitute that want payment before or after hustle?? Abi na the guy be him papa or Mr nice guy or father Christmas??? Was there any agreement before the courtship or in any constitution that a man must take up the ladies bills because you date??? ladies please let men know that you are also not cheap by paying bills and turning the table.
  13. Thumbs down. Lols, Op, this is technically impossible, there is no man on earth with a single girlfriend, not even Jesus Christ, not even Mohammed, not even Adam, not even father Abraham, Bob Marley and Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti. Your mother, aunts and your female siblings are your girl friends or are they your enemies??? But we men too should be very careful with our reckless life style as it does not pay though.
  14. Thumbs up. We men are often wrong on this, you dont beg for a date as its better and safer to relate with people who naturally warm up to you.
  15. Thumbs down. Its a matter for the imatured guys and recklessly young at heart.
  16. Thumbs down. Money is a resource that oils affairs. A sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. This is not as bad as we think but a man must be weary when a woman is being unnecessarily sparing with money, it does not mean the woman love you in every scenario, some may just be buying your love or purposely doing it to force you to grant their wish and after that you become as useless as a piece of trash or vegetable in their face. So a man must struggle to be a man and independent in all ways. Though their are just a few ladies in this our age of cost and figures who would sparingly spend on a man without an ulterior motives. If my money is good for my woman, her money should also be good enough for me.
  17. Thumbs down. Who is a good boy and who is a bad boy?? please it is not enough to judge a lady or a guy by a singular act of goodness or evil. Often times it is better to have a set or variance of cases to tell.
  18. Thumbs down. Lets not try to eulogize nor fan the hysterical gooseling ego in the ladies, if men are said to be heart breakers that means woman are both liver and lung breakers. A sauce for the goose is same for the gander. By Adewale Kelvin

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