Exodus: Movement Of The People. (MOP). Your Hour Of Supernatural Restoration Has Come. By Adewale K.O.P

*Exodus: Movement Of The People (MOP) (Your Hour Of Supernatural Restoration Has Come.)*

Bible Text: Exodus 7:1-2, Exodus 12:51, Exodus 11:10, Exodus 12:35-36, Isiah 65:21-22, Matthew 16:18, Matt 6:10, Hebrew 4:1, Matthew 5:14-16, Revelation 21, Revelation 22, John 17:3, Matthew 5:5, Matthew 1:23, Genesis 13:4, Genesis 21:33.

Worried about the subject topic or title?? Worryless. For you have not searched amissed. When Moses is ready, God is ready. And When God is ready, no Pharaoh nor enemy nor blanket cloud of darkness can stop our shine. Everyone has some point of need or wilderness experience where God tends to connect with us and use the challenges at hand as a stepping stone for a supernatural turn around. And as God lead us to our promise land, any Jonah on our ship  and reprobate or rebellious Israelite that may cause us to stumble in our journey to the promise land, may God disconnect them from us and filter them out of our lives. As it is written in Exodus 12:29-30, Every evil alter and every Pharaoh in your life shall loose their first born and first fruits in Jesus name.

Any sturbon pharaoh or destiny pursuer would perish in our pursuit. Just as it was for Pharaoh in the case of Moses and for King Herod at the birth of Christ. Every enemy bent on our destruction shall be put to shame and perish mysteriously.

The God who apeared in the heat of the wilderness situation for Joseph from the plot of death by his siblings; The God who saved baby Jesus from the dagger of king Herod, The God who save Elijah from the hand of Jezebel; The God who save King David from the plot of king Saul; The God who saved John the beloved from the hot oil bath; The God who saved Daniel from the lions den in Babylon and saved Shedrak, Mishak, Abednigo from the scourge of fire in Babylon; The God who saved Moses from the hand of pharaoh, and the God who rescued the children of Israelite from the whip of King Pharaoh, May he appear in our wilderness test and deliver us in Jesus name. In your life time, you shall be the Gideon, Isiah, Jeremiah, Joshua, Caleb, Jesus, and disciples of Christ of our time to make the difference in the world ridden with political instability, social cultural instability, economic and environmental instability in Jesus name. Amen.

Other Bible Text to read at our quiet time: Exodus 7:2, 1:1-13, 13:16, 1:8-14, 1:13-14, 3:6-9, 6:9, 3:10, 3:11, 1:15, 2:10,  6:20, 3:12, 4:2-5, 5:1-6, 5:20-22, 5:28, 6:1-8, 6:10, 6:7, 16:18, 7:1, 12:51, 12:2-3, 3:8, 6:8, 1:15, 2:10, 6:20, 4:14, 7:10-17, 10-29, 9:6-25, 9:6-24, Genesis 1:28, Genesis 9:1, Genesis 17:6, Genesis 1:27-31, Genesis 2:15, Proverb 31:10-30.

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