*Which Is Better, To Marry Early While In One’s 20s Or To Marry Late In One’s 30s or 40s?? By Adewale K.O.P*

Which Is Better, To Marry Early While In One’s 20s Or To Marry Late In One’s 30s or 40s??

Marrying early or hastily with a wrong choice of spouse can irredeemably ruin one’s life forever. It does not matter the number of children from such union as it will always be a wrong road leading to chaos, mischief, truncated destiny and anarchy. A lot of us marry for a wrong notion and believe the joy of marriage is all about having children as the fruits and profit of such venture. To set the record straight and to be frank it is not all about children even though its part of its secondary objectives. We marry to complement each other and that does not include children even though there would always be need to procreate and raise ones own family as many of us have fantasised growing up. Kids can be adopted, and can be conceived through surrogacy or IVF and a host of other options just as our medical age affords us.

Don’t marry like your trying to shoot ducks and birds blind folded, the possibility that you will always miss it is high. Gone are those days where by people marry early. Its no longer in vogue. If you try it, you may regret your life forever. Marriage requires a deep sense of maturity to shoulder and brazen the responsibilities and challenges that comes with it as some can be psychological and emotional. The way an under 30yrs man or woman react to life differs from the way an under 40yrs and under 50yrs react. Please maturity, exposure and age matters when it comes to sensitive matters of delegation as such as marriage. People marry character and good manners and if your prospect spouse lacks it, such must be crossed out immediately and not marrying with the option to change such person as marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured. This is no effort to discredit the erroneous side of our humaneness but to further amplify us as a little less than angels but as humans at our best

Reason why divorce case is on increase globally is because alot have married too early or too hasthengly for the frivolous reasons and therefor seek lasting peace outside marriage or in their marital dissolution

A lot have diverging opinions, some with different fears and worries because we all have different up bringing and background, some are civil while some are savages. A lion or tiger in the zoo or in the circus is never the same like that in the wild. Some people are deep thinkers, diplomatic and less confrontational while some will pounce on you and devour you at every presenting opportunity. Life has the brilliant minded, positive, negative and toxic people everywhere. I believe nobody prays to be in the wrong pack nor wake up in the wrong camp.

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