The Difference Between Like And Love. By Adewale K.O.P

*“The Difference Between Love & Like” By Adewale Kelvin*

*Between Like and love, lets not be hasty to judge. Which is more damaging and favourable depends on the side of the coin you look at and the side of the fence you find yourself. The word “Like” is similar to building a skyline sky scraper in the busy metropolis where the value can be quantified and appreciated with logical reasons and prospect of profit and loss as a business man with a baggage sense of social class and security.*

*For Love? Love is building a sky scraper in the middle of the fridgid antarctica and somewhere in the solitary sand dunes desert of Abudhabi, the Sahara and Mediteranean suburb. Building something out of nothing even when it appears the purpose and objective is of a delusional course without a logical explanation. You love someone not because of what they have to offer you but because of what you have to offer with little expectations in return even when the person in question can’t return the immense favour. Love is something extra beyond the material world with some mind bugling feat and miles sonorously larger than life far unlike the gory and tyranical description of the early British, Italian, French and the worst of all Spanish occupation of its colonies as such Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic and derelics of the Sonora, Greneda, Guarani, the Inca Aztec torture of Moctezuma, Atahualpa by Pedro De Mendoza,  Juan De Ayolas, De Solis, Nicolas De Ovando which accounts for its present day poverty and tryst of endless mischief*

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