How To Delete Or Revoke A Whatsapp Message or Error File Sent After One Hour or A Month Back. By Adewale Kelvin.O.P

How To Revoke A Message or An Error File Sent After 1 Hour, Days Or Months On Whatsapp

For those who have been worried about how to delete an error post or a file be it nude or its equivalent sent on whatsapp as we all know that whatsapp does not all the alteration nor revocation of a message sent after 1 hour. Here is a step by step approach.

  1. First of all close the whatsapp application completely
  2. Go ahead and switch off all data and wifi connections.
  3. Set your phone on airplane mode.
  4. Go to phone setting option
  5. Select system option
  6. Select date and time option
  7. When on the date and time user interface, deactivate these 3 icons, automatic date & time, automatic time zone, use local default. After all these, manually back date and time with the intent to reset the time to hours, days or months before the message was sent.
  8. After all that, go back and open the whatsapp app while the phone still remains on airplane mode and all data still switched off; select and delete the file or message for everyone and off it goes even if you have sent it for days or months, it will automatically be deleted from the receivers whatsapp data file. Close the whatsapp. Now you can breath a sigh of relief!
  9. Go back to the date and time setting and restore the phone to the normal time and date and activate all the deactivated options.
  10. After all said and done, deactivate the airplane mode, restore or switch on your data
  11. Go back and relaunch your whatsapp to see if you still have the sent files and you would be amazed its all gone. So feel free to send and delete files at will but pray the person does not screen shot nor copy your files.

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