4 Scientific Evidence Of Rapture, How The Earths Gonna Wind Up Someday And How The Earth Extinction Is Going To Come About. By Pastor Adewale K.O.P

4 Scientific Evidence Of Rapture, How The Earths Gonna Wind Up Someday And How The Earth Extinction Is Going To Come About.

It is in arguably true that this is the most debatable subject on earth as to unraveil the common destiny and purpose of every mankind on earth as to where we are all going with less regard to where we come from and the fundamental build up of mankind and proliferation of life activities on earth and how we are all gonna get wind up someday.

The earth is not just a chunk of big stone hurling around the sun but on a diminishing course like the rest of the stars do. The earth is big ball of energy fired up from its core at 6000°C with with over 6000 tongues of lightening strikes spewing every minutes from the ionosphere electrifying the atmosphere as a result of thunderstorm clashes. This is evident enough that the earth is gonna blow up someday like it once did in the days of the dinasours.

Without much complicated empirical basis in the scientific circle, here is a series of possible options of how the life on earth extinction is going to come.

  1. The earth is going to blow up from the outside by high energy impact asteroid of fire on a collision course like it is the culture amongst diminishing stars and planets in our galaxy and in the universe.
  2. The earth is going to blow up from the inside from its own excessive and brewering energy from the earth core.
  3. It is most likely that the earth is just going to stall and grow cold like the rest of the 9 planet that has grown cold over time out of excessive human exploration which has given rise to global warming which points out to the global warming campaign to save the earth life from hastened extinction.
  4. “Belligerent Activities Of Tyranny and drums of War under the auspice of nuclear armament and nuclear projects: By this singular activity, we are all most likely going to wake up someday and discovered tgat the world around us is smoked, grilled and charred up. If not that, its most likely the world is going to get wrapped up in a zombie apocalypse with some pumped up biological weapon such as a global viral pandemic as it were in the case of the Covid 19 and host of others for national or regional economic gain and resource control by a group of persons. If all the 3 aforementioned options does not work, this is most likely going to do the phenomenal doom. Mind you, am not a prophet of doom but just drawing our attention to impending possibilities that we are vulnerable to as a result of our ambition to proliferate or dominate the world in out of our greed.

Out of chaos, beautiful dreams are born. Sure after this a new life would always find a way just as we have it after the extinction of the dinasour’s age.

Yes this happens from time to time. Energy begets energy. If it is not potential then it is kinetic. We all have the energy in us to create or recreate.

Am not an atheist but am a Christian, I believe in God, Christ and the theory of heaven unlike the circular believe but I dont believe in the tell tale of Jesus gonna come and take us home like most of us believe because most times Christ was always speaking in parables that often times his disciples do not understand him. If you as my if I believe in John 3:16, believe me, strongly I do. But not with the interpretation most of us give to it. Just as i dont believe in tighting but I believe in bringing seeds and harvest into the storehouse of God for the advancement of the work of God and also believe in charitable work and helping the needy and not helping using my seed to a pastor who in turn uses it for his sole, private and family business empire or business centre.

Everyone in Christ has a Christ like anointing and as such nobody is more special nor a favourite in the kingdom of God has we all have our unique calling in him. Not everyone of us will own a church Jesus never owned one and was not always stationed in a church but went about doing good as his only church. He is the church himself and in his body was the church which he carried with him everywhere he went. He took the church with him to people and not always wait for people to come and find him. The Bible says in 1st Corinthians 6:19-20, and 1st Corinthians 3:16, That know ye not that you are the temple of the holyghost. People dont get converted to Islam nor Christianity because of empty and hyphed words but because of the Good deeds for which you have been instrumental in their life at amplifying the greatness and goodness of God. He dined with alot of societal rejects, rich, poor, low and high status, prostitutes and destitutes because in him was the Church and the Sabath. He is for all Religion and not for Christians alone, He is for the Muslims, Christians and other religious faithfuls as long as you are doing good and preaches peace amongst all men. God judges us base on our deeds and not base on our religious creed and religious dogma. If the mountain don’t go to Mohammed, mohammed would go to the mountain, so was Jesus. Jesus said in John 14:12, Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

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