The Only Legacy Greater Than The Coventional Education. The Lost Fragrance Of The Black Rose. By Adewale K.O.P

The only legacy greater than the conventional education. Where most parent miss it with their children. (The Lost Fragrance Of The Black Rose.)

Parents please pay attention to the up bringing of your children, which includes social and psychological well being of your children. Teach them Godly and timely manners. Best of Education without manners and human values cannot guarantee these kids a fulfilled, peaceful, and a happy life. A child miseducated is a child lost. Lets not with our hands build the Dubai Creek Towers of 1300 meters and Burj Khalifa of 830 meters and with our same hands pull it down at some point in time. Lets guard and guide our Children and future responsibly. Lets them know they are not alone in the world and that the world is live and lets live.

Our world today has grown numb, cold and insensitive that everyone now think of nothing more but themselves alone and in effect family values that makes us a little bit human and high than the animals on the lower chain is lost. Teach them how to look after themselves and every other members of the family both nuclear and extended.

Never tell them how bad the other half of their parents is nor poison your kids about the other members of the family. Teach them how to show act of kindness as they grow as that is the only thing that is humanly left for us. Teach them to be compassionate on the have not, teach them how to give even when it is least convenient and to look out for others. By doing these you are mending our bleeding, bruised, battered and long lost world of humans and not world of animals, morons, machines and robots.

Lets stop pitching our kids against other tribes and other race saying how terrible and iferior other tribes are and how superior and better off we are compared to others for the sake of self glorification. All tribes and race has its good and bad stock. Never tell your kids that God is only for the Jews nor Christ is only for the Christians, God is in every religion of peace with right standing morals. That some people object or does not conform with our morals does not make them evil because there is always a 2 side of a coin. We are in the image of God, wan, woman and children, young and old, black and white or colored, native or an immigrant. A lot of us often misquote the language of do not be equally yoke with unbelievers because even God in the bible rebuked Peter for calling some of the animals he created unclean. Our belligerent similtude to progressive ideals at raising our children is an epical rape of innocence.

Lets together raise an army of generations who know the value of people, life and things and not the price. Most of us are so lost and disconnect from our roots and yet we advocate for a world of fair and just course. Lets fight the hypocrisy first from within. Charity begins at home. Your house cant be in a sham or under a choking ash and yet you are on a sorjourn in an enstrange land preaching peace, equity or equality.

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