The Power Of A Woman As Compared To Men, Mystery Of The Virgin Birth And Why Men Cheat. By Adewale Kelvin. P

*The Power Of A Woman, Mystery Of The Virgin Birth And Why Men Cheat. By Adewale Kelvin. Peter*

*What is love, what is marriage?? Why do men cheat on women?? What is morally right is different from what is ideally right. True or false??? When we were told that Solomon had over 2000 wives and over 1000 concubines, the question is was he sleeping with them all?? What fascinated Solomon about women so much that he made an asset of them all to have ever lived?? I think the answer to this story line lies with the lion king tale. We need to open our eyes but our brains and heart alot more wider to see with our inner eyes and 6th sense. Women should stop playing the victim to men and in relationship. Women are created to be superior to men and not inferior. Women carry more grace than we men but most women dont know. Men were created only to be servants and care taker to women.*

*The devil attacked Eve in the garden of Eden not because shes the more vulnerable or weaker vessel but bcos she has what was missing in Adam. If you want to confirm who is more precious and important between a male and a female child, a seasoned medical doctor will tell you that women are more valued. A female child is stronger and more built and prepared for life than a male child at birth thats why most male children die at birth or end up in still birth. A female child has a lot of features a male child lacks and as such is the egg or yolk. Amazingly a female child has a dick unknown to most of us men that is why women are naturally stronger than men in sex and can go farther at it. It is a known fact that women carries special grace and special anointing. It can be controversial but factual to say women are pardonable when erred unlike we men. There is more to the virgin Mary birth just as there is more to Jesus Christ to have forbidden The Stoning of The Harlot in The Bible. It might be shocking but true to say that most women good and bad wont go to hell but men would suffer in their place. To know this, you have to be a communicant or a Catholic or deep into spiritual communion to understand the power and grace of a woman like the Blessed Virgin Mary*

*In the advanced world and amongst learned colleague, women are more priced, treasured, desired and more protected than men. What a man can do, blv me, women can do better. Its a known fact tha a child can grow without the father and still do well but blv me, it is very hard for a child to grow without the more and succeed exceptionally well. Men are not built to train kids unlike women. Go to the zoo and watch more of NaGeo wild to observe this. If not for the grace of God over women and the resilience of real and strong women in marriages today, believe me many homes would be shattered and many children with awesome future could be reduced to destitutes and street urchins.*

*If ur a woman and u have a cheating man believe me your not yet a real woman but still a baby or an amateur woman. Na learner na him u be. Men dont cheat on real woman but instead they worship them like a mini god. If your man still cheats on you that means you need to be reschooled to grow your 36 teeth instead of 32.* ☝😃😃

*Lets assume we men are babies to you women. As a mother, would you rather disown your bad child simply bcos he or she misbehaves?? Have you ever seen or heard where a child or rather a baby would foolishly disown his mother or chose another mother bcos he just feel like it??? honestly you wont bcos babies have no option of chosing their mother. So if ur man or men cheat on you, you got to go work on yourself and psyche*

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