What Women Want In A Serious Relationship By Adewale Kelvin (K.O.A.P)

*What Women Want in Serious Relationships*
For many years, the question “What do women want?” has been asked, and the answers are different every time, if any answers come about at all. It used to be the triple play of tall, dark, and handsome. This is outdated, however.
Times have changed quite a bit and what women want in a serious relationship in their man has changed as well. Every woman is different, and there is no specific set of traits that all women are looking for in their man when they seek a long-term relationship. There are certain traits that seem to be common among most women, however, and if you have these, then you will increase your personal stock and make yourself attractive to the ladies of today.
*The Potential Provider*
Women often see things in the long-term. A provider for the family is the classic male role dating all the way back to the tribal hunter-gatherer, and although women have become a prominent power in the workforce of today, it is good to know that a man will be able to take care of his family.
This isn’t to say that you have to be loaded to get a woman, but if she knows you can take care of a her and a family, then she will have that safe and secure feeling, thus attracting her to you.
*The Gentleman*
Today’s woman is independent, but to know that you would open the door for her and be a gentleman, respectful of all aspects of her personality is very attractive and endearing. If you’re the kind of man that respects his lady, then you’re the kind of man she will look for.
*The Sensitive Man*
Kindness and consideration coupled with a bit of spontaneity, like buying her roses and bringing them to wherever she’s at just on a regular day will melt her heart. Although the independent woman is the style of today, they still like to be taken care of and pampered sometimes. The man that makes her feel special will get to the front of the line in her eyes.
*The Grownup*
If you give off that responsible and mature vibe, your stock will rise further. Show that you’re interested in more than a temporary fling or booty call. Often security is linked with maturity, thus the main reason that many women these days tend to go for older men.
*The Confident Man*
A man who is sure of himself, bordering on arrogance but without spilling over into it, is a frontrunner in a woman’s selection. A confident man is assumed to be the man that will overcome any obstacle, even if he only has his personal belief that he will do so. He will solve any problem that comes his way and take care of any situation.
*The Good-Looking Man*
While looks aren’t everything, they do play a part when a woman is looking for a man to go the distance with. Often, and this is because of insecurity and misconception, women will stay away from a man that is too hot. She may not feel up to the challenge the competition or figures if he looks too good, then he’s more likely to cheat. While not exactly accurate, it is a popular, if misguided, perception.
*Final Notes*
Don’t feel bad if you’re not every type of man described here. If you have the majority of these qualities or show the potential of having them, you will be a great candidate in the eyes of the lady who is looking for the last relationship she’ll ever have because a lady is never in a relationship except when her heart is made up to make things work against all odds.
Regardless of the qualities listed, true love will always find a way. It is the fable we’ve all heard, but it does exist and cannot be conquered. If you would like to know more about increasing your stock among women who are looking for that lifelong mate, please ask freely.

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